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Tharp’s Big Weight System

Posted by admin on March 1, 2016


There’s no better way to consistently catch monster bags on tournament day than by extracting fish from the thickest cover on a lake, and there maybe no one better at it on either tour than Florida pro Randall Tharp.

With a flipping stick in his hand flinging a big Reins tungsten weight, he’s whacked big limits in Florida and Alabama, west to California, north to Champlain and just about everywhere in between.

His Phoenix boat has a full compartment of Reins weights ready to go, but any time he has a heavy flipping weight or heavy Punch Shot he feels especially likely to win. Over hundreds of thousands of pitches and flips, he’s developed a system to tell him whether to punch with a ¾ ounce weight, the 2 ½ ounce monster, or something in between. >>> read more